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In the developing world, extracurricular activities prove to be equally important to education that is imparted in children from a tender age. Dance, music, instruments, and sports are some of the major activities to mention. In India, girls especially are enrolled in a classical dance school from a very young age as it is believed to be equivalent to yoga which’s proven to offer health benefits with regular practice. 

In a country that is rich in culture and tradition, Classical music and dance are celebrated and many want to learn it or make their children learn it with immense love, passion, and dedication.

 Thus joining the right dance school and being under the guidance of the right teacher is crucial as it’s going to be a long-term commitment. They hold the most important position after your parents.

Hence a lot of research has to be undergone to find the Best classical dance school in your nearby location. I’ve made the process easy for you by providing you with the list of Top 10 Classical dance schools located in Chennai. 

Since Bharatanatyam is the most popular among all the classical dance forms and is learned by many, this list will focus on famous Bharatanatyam dance schools in Chennai.

This list is in no particular order.

classical dance school

List of top 10 Classical dance schools in Chennai:

1. Bharathanjali

This is a school that has produced many beautiful professional dancers, choreographers, and practitioners over the years of which some have turned into a faculty of Bharathanjali itself.

Bharathanjali was found by Kalaimamani Smt. Anita Guha in 1989 and the dance school celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020.

The school is well recognized for the wonderful Nritya natakas’ (Dance-dramas) that they put together, which is neat and precisely executed by the brilliant set of dancers.

Mobile No. : +919940014596, 04428154596

Address :  No 14, Kuppuswamy Towers, Next to Rathna Fan House, Rajabather Street, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017, India

Email-ID : anithaguha@gmail.com

Website :  www.anithaguha.in

2. Natya Sankalpaa Dance institute

     The Artistic Director of Natya Sankalpaa is the immensely talented and passionate dancer, choreographer, and teacher Kalaimamani Smt. Urmila Sathyanarayanan. She was trained in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of eminent gurus such as Padma Shri awardee K.N.Dandayuthapani Pillai and Smt. K.J.Sarasa.

Yoga, theory, layam, and music form a part of the school’s curriculum and exams are conducted regularly in the presence of exponents in the field. The school has approximately three hundred members and fifteen faculty members.

 Mobile no: 9841672698

Address: Aspiran Garden colony, kilpauk, Chennai, Tamilnadu -600010.

 e-mail ID : urmilaontour@gmail.com

Website : www.urmila.in

3. Sridevi Nrithyalaya 

This classical dance school teaches a very unique style of Bharatanatyam known as the Melattur style. The founder of SDN is Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan. The school is widely popular and recognized all over the world with a great following on all social media platforms. The school has successfully produced n number of solo performances, thematic presentations, and mega dance dramas.

A very well-structured and organized manner of teaching and practice in the school is what has made them stand out from the rest.

Mobile no: +91 9840835825

Address: New No 19, Old No 15, AVM Colony 1st Street, Kamarajar Salai, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092, Tamilnadu, India

e-mail ID: sriyalaya@gmail.com

Website: https://www.sridevinrithyalaya.com/

4. Akshaya Arts

    The director of this classical dance school “Akshay arts” is Kalaimamani Sri. Binesh Mahadevan. He is a well-established performer with choreographic excellence. With prior experience in other classical dance forms like Kathakali, his style has a beautiful combination of graceful yet precise movements and great facial expressions (Abinaya). 

In 2017, the school hosted its 25th Silver Jubilee Celebrations followed by the Arangetram of Binesh’s 176th disciple which took place recently.

Mobile no: 044-24793008 , 9841012955

Address : #No.36, Ayyappa Nagar, Chinmaya Nagar, Chennai – 600092

e-mail ID : bineshkmahadevan@gmail.com

Website : https://bineshmahadevan.weebly.com/

5. Bharatakalanjali 

      Bharatakalanjali, a premier classical dance training institute that is recognized internationally, was developed and is at the place it is now, due to the tireless efforts, passion, and dedication of the power couple in the classical dance field, Sri.V.P.Dhananjayan, and Smt.Shanta Dhananjayan.

The institute aims at giving a Gurukul style experience to the students as they consider classical dance to be a divine art form that has to be practiced following certain values, and thus giving an overall makeover to the personality of the dancer. Although they come from a Kalakshetra background the couple has evolved and innovated their style in their choreographies.

 The couple has moulded and brought so many brilliant dancers to this world who have stepped out and started their dance own schools in various locations both in India and abroad.

Mobile no: 044-2491 1125

Address: 6, Jeevaratnam Nagar, 1st Street, Adyar, Chennai – 600020

e-mail ID: office@bharatakalanjali.in

Website: https://bharatakalanjali.in/

6. Nrityakshetra

      Nrityakshetra is one of the best classical dance schools located in Anna Nagar, Chennai. It’s run by the multifaceted, legendary composer, choreographer, dancer, lyricist, and director Kalaimamani Shri.Madurai.R.Muralidaran and his wife Smt. Chitra Muralidaran. 

Muralidaran is known for his brilliant compositions that have complex rhythmic patterns and that which is crowd-pulling especially the modern gen audience.

Conceptualizing several challenges he has managed to place in the Guinness World record, Asia book of records, and India book of records. He has trained over 750 students in both India and abroad.

Mobile no: 044-2618 6110   98405 89429

Address  : 1778/3, 4th Street I Block Anna Nagar West Chennai – 600 040(Near Ayyappan Temple)

7. Kalapradarshini 

      Kalapradarshini is one of the classical dance schools in Chennai that has a Cultural wing which focuses on promoting talented dancer, musicians, and instrumentalist by organizing a number of festivals and performances over the years.

It was found by a graceful dancer, choreographer, and festival curator Kalaimamani Smt. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala. The school imparts knowledge on all aspects of Nritta, Nritya, and Natya. They take Nattuvangam classes too.

The school also aims at breaking a lot of social stigmas and taking the art form to socially backward classes as well and has proved to be successful at their attempt too. They have produced numerous dancers of which many decided to take it up as a full-time career and have found their own schools in different parts of the world.

Mobile no : +91 96771 06335 | +91 98401 57090

Address : No.590, School Road, AnnaNagar West Chennai – 600 101

Website : http://www.kalapradarshini.com/organization.html

8. Bharatha Natyalaya 

     Bharatha Natyalaya is the brainchild of Kalaimamani Smt. Roja Kannan is a senior disciple of Padmashree awardee Guru Adyar K.Lakshman and Padmabhushan awardee Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan.

Her career spans five decades in the course of which she has managed to train hundreds of students who have made a mark for themselves in the field of dance.

The school has done several performances both in India and abroad.

Mobile no : +(91) – (44) – 24323299

Address: No. GA-61-A, No. 14, Seethamma Road Alwarpet, Teynampet Chennai – 600018.

Website : www.rojakannan.com

9. Divyanjali 

        Divyanjali is another classical dance school in Chennai that has played a major role in producing wonderful full-fledged artists by designing a curriculum that imparts equal knowledge on the theory and practical aspects of the art form. 

It is run by Dr.S.Divyasena a versatile artist who is trained in both Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. There is special attention given to the rhythmic sense of the dancer and that department is handled by leading percussionist Shri B.P.Haribabu.

Mobile no : +91 044 2435 2006

Address: 30 First Cross Street West CIT Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035

e-mail ID  : divyanjali.divineoffering@gmail.com

Website: https://divyanjalidance.com/

10. Kala Sadhanalaya 

       Kala Sadhanalaya is one other classical dance school in Chennai that practices the Melattur style of Bharatanatyam. Kalaimamani Smt. Revathi Ramachandran is the founder of this school.

They aim at fostering the knowledge of the rich art and tradition of the ancient art form of Bharatanatyam into the students. 

Revathi Ramachandran is a renowned artist who has been decorated with numerous awards and currently she holds the position of Director of Kalakshetra Foundation.

Mobile no: 044-2499 7597   044-2499 6475

Address: 80, St. Mary’s Road Abiramapuram Chennai – 600 018.

Website: https://kalasadhanalaya.org/

Hope as promised I made your process of finding the best classical dance school in Chennai easy! So which one are you going to proceed with? Are there any which you feel must be added to this list? Let us know in the comments section below !!