MANASA Vijaychander

Classical dancer, teacher, and choreographer

Inspire you to become an inspiration!

Dance classes

I believe there is no age limit to start learning something. It’s never too late, so let’s take one step at a time!


Looking for someone to teach you fun, easy yet beautiful choreographies in classical,semi-classical, fusion, and Bollywood styles?

What’s my dream?

  • Bringing out the hidden talent in each individual.
  • Breaking all the stereotypical ideas on the right age to learn the art form, the right body type that looks good on stage, and last but not least taking classical dance to all sections of the society.
  • Spread the love and passion for my art to as many as possible.
  • Preserve the ancient art form and hand it over to the forthcoming               generations.

More details on classes

Beginner level

Starting from basics belonging to any age group. Kids starting their journey are advised to join when they turn four. 

More Details

We’ll start with basic adavus. There’ll be a lot of fun activities and exercises involved in each class. Basic stretches, flexibility, and core strengthening sessions will be a part of all classes. Weekly 3 classes. They’ll be one and a half to two hours sessions and every week one hour of one of the classes will be dedicated to theory. 

Intermediate level

Dancers with 2-4 years of experience fall under this category. 

More Details

Based on where you stand or from where you are supposed to continue kindly enquire and join that particular batch. We’ll help you bridge the gap. There are 3 batches. One will be starting from Shabdham, one will be learning a full-fledged Varnam and thillana, and the last batch will be learning kritis, padhams, and javalis. You are allowed to rotate in these 3 batches and learn a complete Maargam (A full repertoire).

Advance level

All those who have given their first debut dance recital (Arangetram) can enroll themselves here for one-on-one sessions.

More Details

The one-on-one sessions will be taken by me. The class timings will be flexible depending on my availability and the students’s. There is complete freedom for you to choose what pieces you want to learn from me. Fees will be charged based on the student’s potential per classwise,


“You absolute gem of a woman. You’re one of the most beautiful and graceful dancer I’ve seen. You make even the hardest stuff look soo easy. “

“I had goosebumps throughout your show. I was speechless. You inspire me each and every time I watch you dance.”

“Watching you dance makes me regret not having taken up dance more seriously. You’re an amazing dancer. You radiate elegance.”

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